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Emmaus Europe

Emmaus is an international movement made up of living/working communities that provide for themselves by setting up recycling companies. The proceeds from these companies also help refugees, the poor and the homeless. Emmaus also wants to benefit the environment with these activities. In addition to living and working communities, volunteer groups are active. These too work in recycling companies.

Emmaus was founded in 1949 by Abbรฉ Pierre. The motto under which the Emmaus communities live is: live together, work together, share together. There are Emmaus living and working communities in 37 countries, spread over four continents (Africa, Asia, America and Europe). Emmaus communities earn their own money and decide where to spend it based upon the goals of each, and their local needs. They emphatically do not live off subsidies and can therefore determine their own course. Despite its religious name, Emmaus is very consciously not bound by any philosophy or religion.