Opening hours: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 12:00 -16:00. We are extra open on: 29-3, 19-5, 30-5, 3-10, 1-11.
Phone: +31 (77) 374 7500

To work

To work
Emmaus Feniks employs many volunteers, who devote themselves one or more half-days a week to make our work possible. At each of the three locations we regularly have vacancies for people who want to do meaningful work, in a pleasant atmosphere with colleagues who work for us for different reasons.

The activities are very diverse. Volunteers work with us as a driver or co-driver, in the sorting hall they are responsible for sorting and pricing all kinds of goods like designer second hand clothes, classic vintage furniture, vintage dishes, vinyl and books, and in the Second Hand Shop Venlo they contribute to keeping the shelves tidy, or as a salesperson or cashier (the face of Emmaus.)

Volunteers can work in different departments: the collection, furniture, clothing, shoes, electricity, records, books, paintings, bric-a-brac, in the office and in the shop. Enough to do!

Anyone wishing to register for volunteer work is cordially invited to contact us and make an appointment with the location coordinator. Our vacancies can be found here