Opening hours: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 12:00 -16:00. We are extra open on: 29-3, 19-5, 30-5, 3-10, 1-11.
Phone: +31 (77) 374 7500

Thrift Store

“The most beautiful second hand store in the Netherlands in Venlo”

Every Wednesday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. and Saturday from 10am to 4pm. In a great 2-floor
“Emmaus-Feniks Second-hand shop!” Items like second hand clothing, second hand dishes, vinyl, books and second hand furniture are donated by you to us are sorted, repaired, displayed and sold
by our residents and volunteers. We have already received a lot of beautiful things from you, for
which we thank you.
After all, we cannot do much without the things we are afforded.
All money earned goes towards our living expenses and running costs, as well as (perhaps most
importantly) helping people who are not in as fortunate a position as we are.

Quality of the goods offered

If you want to offer things to us, please bear in mind that not everything is eligible for reuse. Items
must be intact and clean, with only general wear and tear from normal daily use. transportable,
complete and in good working order. Furniture is inspected at a collection appointment as well as in
our store, before we accept it or not. This also applies to electrical appliances.
“If you wouldn’t buy it, we cannot sell it”!
 * salable
 * clean
 * normal wear and tear
 * working
 * complete
 * transportable

If goods are found to be unsuitable, rejection will always be done with courteously and with reasons.
If you disagree with the employee’s decision, you can make this known by telephone on 077 374
If you want to leave items that we believe are not suitable for sale, we will charge the commercial
rates applicable to us for the deposit

Method of offering

  • Clothing in a bag or box.
  • Small household effects and loose items in a box or bag.
  • Books in a box.
  • Preferably do not completely disassemble cabinets.

Issue of goods

From Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (through the large gate)